Sundaes with Sue

Spring is upon us – only 23 more days until March 20th! On this day, they say the length of daytime and nighttime are nearly the same! I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to Spring!

With each change of the yearly seasons, it also makes me take pause to look at the changes of the seasons in our lives! Try thinking of your life, like the 4 seasons of the year!

Spring is the beginning of life – babies, weddings, jobs, homes…

Summer is the fun and sun – teenagers, dances, college time…

Fall is the changing of colors – travel and downsizing……

Winter is crisp and sparkling white – retirement and relaxation..

Whatever season of your life that you are in, it has ups and downs. Always know that no one season lasts forever! Your babies do grow out of diapers, your teenagers do learn how to drive and we all grow up! I think the key is to find the positive to each season!

Remember Spring is only 23 days away! Enjoy each season of your life and don’t forget to smell the roses along the way!

Happy Spring!

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