Seasons of Change

Saturday I had the pleasure of walking through Independence Grove in Libertyville with my sister Kathy. It was a great place to have our meeting. Ideas seem to flow better when you are walking and talking in nature! As we were walking we took several moments to stop and look at the trees! The colors were spectacular!

It struck me how trees make these changes with each season! Trees effortlessly create this burst of beautiful colors, the beautiful leaves fall to the ground, they take a break, refresh and spring back to full bloom in the Spring. It is an amazing cycle of change!

What if we all burst into amazing colors before we entered a change in our lives! What if we could so effortlessly move from one change to the next! What if we took time to take a break, refresh and spring back! We could all weather change in our lives a little easier!

Just like the saying goes, take a minute to smell the roses, today take a minute to look as the trees!


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