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Sparkling Snow vs. Sparkling Sand

Happy Sunday! It's the last Sunday of January and there are only 50 short days until the 1st day of Spring! We are almost there friends! As we all look out our windows today, the sun is shining, our yards are sparkling with newly fallen snow and all I can think of is, I'd rather be looking out at warm sparkling sand!!!

Are you a winter snow person or are you a warm summer sand person? I've lived in the midwest my entire life! I've lived through very cold winters with -50 degrees and many inches of accumulating snow, I've built snowmen and I have even tried cross country skiing! There is no doubt that newly fallen snow is beautiful! BUT - all of this beauty makes me want to book a flight to someplace warm, sunny and stick my feet in the sand!!!

Sunshine, sand and temperatures in the 70's and 80's is calling me!! Being able to wake up every morning to sunshine, slip into sandals and take a walk to the beach sounds like heaven! I do believe that people who live in sunny warm places are more happy! Yes, there may be hurricanes and humidity to deal with but at least I won't freeze my toes off!! As you can tell, I'm leaning towards becoming a sparkling warm sand kind of Gal!

This is our first measurable snow, I'm sure there will be a few more, even into April-May! Ugh!!

Let's not forget, 50 more days until Spring! I will do my best to imagine this cold white stuff is beautiful cold white sand and the howling chilly winds are tropical breezes blowing through my hair! I will continue to manifest warm sparkling sand as I shovel this other white stuff off

my sidewalk!

Be safe out there, take breaks when shoveling snow and stay warm!

Life is better in flip flops!


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