It’s been 52 days since many of us came up with New Year’s Resolutions! If most of you are like me, I don’t even remember what my New Year’s Resolution was! How fast 52 days have come and gone. But don’t loose hope – Spring is in the air – there is plenty of time to reboot those Resolutions!

Between New Year’s Resolutions and Lent many of us resolve to eat healthier, to work out and spend more time with family! I have the perfect answer for you – SUZY’S SWIRL!! Did you know that many of our flavors contain No Corn Syrup, No Artificial Flavoring and are Low Fat! Plus we will be introducing an Almond Based Strawberry Yogurt – completely Vegan! All Good and Good For You!

Spring is only 27 days away! Spring into SUZY’S SWIRL to enjoy healthy and delicious flavors with your family! We look forward to seeing you and as always, Have a Swirling Great Day!

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