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Spring Ahead - Move Forward

Today begins Daylight Saving Time! We gain an additional hour of daylight! Let's keep our fingers crossed this will be the last time we change our clocks!! During the winter months we tend to hibernate in our homes, we are less likely to go out after 4:00pm when it gets dark outside and we socialize less. But now, we will be more open to going outside later and getting together with friends and family more often!

As we spring ahead I think it's also a gentle nudge to continue to move forward in our lives! So many times in our lives we are always looking back, rehashing, over analyzing and getting stuck in the past! That's exactly what it is, the past! There is the saying, It is hard to drive forward looking in the rearview mirror! That is why the rearview mirror is so small and the front window is so large to see all of the things in front of you! Obviously it is dangerous to drive only looking in the rearview mirror too!

I was listening to a podcast the other day, The Mel Robbins Podcast and she was talking about this too! She said, "Life is just one big Roadmap". Sometimes the road is smooth, flat, straight and other times it's bumpy, curvy and you're driving close on the edge! That is life - right?? Mel ended her podcast with this, "Grab the Wheel of your life and drive in the direction you want to go!" Look, there will always be detours along the way, sometimes those detours will bring you to the most unexpected and pleasant surprises! You will never see it if you are looking in the rearview mirror!

Today we might have lost one hour, I think, we are gaining so much more! We are thawing out, the roads are less messy and there are so many opportunities in front of us! Life really is a journey, roadmap, up and downs and everything in between! As we move forward, spring is in the air and it's only 8 days away from officially being Spring! I can't wait to see where the road is going to take us!

Spring into Suzy's on March 20th, the 1st day of Spring to select a Golden Ticket, chance to win $5.00 in Suzy Bucks! Plus, come in and support the LFHS Safe Prom fundraiser from 5:00pm - 8:00pm too! #Suzysswirl #Spring #LFHSsafeprom

Keep Calm and Spring Forward


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