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Spring Break is a great time to just take a Break and get ready for the busy Summer ahead! My experience has been there are 2 ways to enjoy Spring Break, take a vacation away from home or take a staycation at home!

Going away on vacation is always fun, although, it does have its challenges! The planning, the stress, the cost, and the the time it takes to finally unwind and get into vacation mode!

Staying home and doing a Staycation is fun too! Sleeping in, staying in your pj’s all day, not rushing and finally being able to read a good book! During your Staycation it’s fun to take the kids to the movies or bowling. Finally having the time to weed out the kids drawers and closets, get them ready for summer and bring those outgrown clothes to your favorite donation center!

You may not have time to escape to someplace tropical this Spring Break. Let Suzy’s Swirl be your escape! Transport yourself to Key West, California or Mexico with our Suzy’s Swirl Spring Break Flavors! Key Lime Pie Yogurt with crushed graham cracker and marshmallow fluff, Fresh Coconut and Fresh Strawberry-Banana Yogurt topped with coconut, granola and berries, Triple Chocolate Yogurt with frosted flakes and carmel sauce – Yum! Yum! Yum! Happy Spring Break!



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