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Global Warming Vs Climate Change

What is going on with our weather? I’m sure most of you are waking up this morning and shaking your heads saying, “Isn’t it April 14th?” I suppose if we lived in the UP of Michigan, we would not think twice about snow in April! But this is the Midwest! Ugh!!

When I was little, Easter time was always sunny and warm. My sisters and I wore our cute matching dresses, white anklets, white shoes and pretty hats to Church on Easter Day! We couldn’t wait to get home from Church and run around outside!

Something in the weather department has changed over the years! The grass is still getting greener, the tulips and daffodils are starting to bloom and the trees are full of buds! The weather has different plans. Our Spring seems to last forever with rain, snow and cooler than normal temperatures! Our Summer seems to be very short and Fall seems like it lasts longer than before! Don’t get me started about the length of our Winter! It’s as if we have only 2 seasons – Spring and Winter!

One source says that our global warming is an unprecedented type of climate change – we are having side effects to our environment! Changes in sea levels, glaciers melting and changes in our temperatures! There’s a lot of debate going on in regards to Global Warming Vs. Climate Change! I think we can all agree that something is definitely changing!

Whatever the season or weather – it’s always a good time for


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