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Sundaes With Sue

Oh what fun it has been to go back and re-read past blogs of Sundaes with Sue! Sundaes with Sue started back on October 15, 2015 – it was a monthly blog and transitioned into a weekly blog. It has been a very cathartic, enjoyable and sometimes very emotional journey! You can re-read all of the blogs too by just scrolling down!

I am so thankful that each Sunday I can reach out to each of you about a myriad of topics! The blogs have been about what’s happening at Suzy’s Swirl, holiday traditions, sharing recipes, what’s happening in the world and a random silly topic of what you prefer more – flip flops or boots! Sundaes with Sue has given me the opportunity to have a conversation with all of you! I hope you have enjoyed it too!

I never imagined myself as a writer! I’m the Mom of four amazing kids and a Grandma to one extraordinary grandson! Other than my home and family, Suzy’s Swirl is my “Happy Place.” I love getting to know all of you and hearing all of the reasons why you come to Suzy’s Swirl! Sundaes with Sue is another way for me to share all of the things I think about, care about and wonder about with all of you!

Thank you to all of you have been reading Sundaes with Sue over the years! It’s been a pleasure and honor to pop up on your Facebook timeline each Sunday! Many thanks to all of you who also, come into Suzy’s Swirl with a smile on your face ready to Swirl!

Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be – Anonymous


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