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Sundaes with Sue

Thanksgiving Blessings

As we approach Thanksgiving this week let’s all take a moment to reflect on what we are Thankful for! For me this year Thanksgiving has a new added element to it! I am personally Thankful that my sons, who live in Chico California, are safe and did not loose their home! They voluntarily evacuated their home, they packed up all that was valuable to them and moved to a safer area!

These fires in California, have given me a new perspective this Thanksgiving! What’s really important to me! It has made me look around my house and decide what I would take at a split seconds notice! What could you fit in your car and drive off with, knowing that you may never see your home again! Is it pictures, clothes, jewelry, baby books of my kids….. The thought of this makes me stop and take pause!

Way too many families in California had to do this last week! It will be 2 weeks this Thanksgiving, that hundreds of families in California lost their homes! At the same time, so many families are still searching for loved ones and hoping and praying that they will be found at one of the many evacuation centers!

This Thanksgiving as you gather with your family and friends be Thankful for all that you have! Try to keep your struggles and minor annoyances in perspective! When you say Grace before you dig into that perfectly browned turkey, say an extra prayer for all of the families in California!

Suzy’s Swirl wishes You and Your Families a Happy Thanksgiving!


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