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Take a Breath!

The Free Dictionary defines Take a Breath to inhale and exhale, to calm down a bit and relax. I have personally found that if I hold my breath and then count back 5,4,3,2,1 and exhale it calms me and relaxes me.

As we enter into the holidays I think we all need to Take a Breath – maybe many, many times a day! LOL! When you are trying to figure out Christmas gifts for friends and family and stay within a budget – Take a Breath! When you can’t find those Christmas gifts you bought in July, Take a Breath! When your kids are just driving you crazy, Take a Breath!

With only 2 months left to 2019, you may take a few moments to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and not accomplished – Take a Breath! It has been a fast moving year. It’s hard to remember what was going on 10 months ago!

Maybe a New Year’s Resolution will be to remember to Take a Breath! Remember to inhale, exhale and calm down a bit and relax! I think that’s something we can all do!


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