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Take Sometime to smell the flowers

I’d like to introduce you to The Richardson Tree Farm. Some of you may know it as a Christmas Tree Farm or the place with the World’s largest Corn Maze. The Richardson Farm is located in Spring Grove, Illinois. It has been the families homestead since 1836 when Robert Richardson emigrated from England. The once small farm of 240 acres has since grown to over 500 acres and 2 homesteads now.

The farm began with growing corn and soy beans and then grew into a Christmas Tree Farm with over 50,000 trees to choose from. The Richardson family continues to transform the family farm into a true destination with an amazing fall corn maze, adventure farm, sunflower festival and currently a tulip festival.

What I find inspiring about this family business is how they continue to innovate, grow and with each season reshape the farm. These changes are not just something you can do overnight! The planning and planting must take months and years to figure out! But, boy oh boy – it is so worth it!

I think the Richardson Farm is a great example of how during these turbulent times you can still grow and find beauty in each day! It really is important to take time and smell the flowers!

It was good for both the body and soul to be surrounded by such beautiful tulips! I hope you have a chance to enjoy The Richardson Tulip Festival too!

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms!


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