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Thank You Notes

When was the last time you received a Handwritten Thank You Note? Next big question, when was the last time YOU sent a Handwritten Thank You Note?

I know I’m going to show my age with this topic, here goes! When I was younger, my mother required me to write Thank You Notes after my Birthday and after Christmas. Even if it was 2 poorly spelled sentences and not the best handwriting, I still had to do it! It was a way of showing my appreciation for the time, effort and thoughtfulness for thinking of me with a gift on those special days! My mother even went so far with the importance of Thank You Notes, that for my wedding (back in the 80’s) she addressed and stamped the Thank You Notes for me! I was married in September and they had to be mailed before Thanksgiving!

Fast forward to 2018 – Handwritten Thank You Notes, are nearly extinct! Technology has taken over and maybe you receive a group text or email thanking you! We use the excuse that we are so busy running to this thing and to that thing! I say let’s slow down for a few minutes and bring back the Handwritten Thank You Notes!! Let’s teach the Millenials and Generation Z the importance of Handwritten Thank You Notes! I think we can all agree, it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling to receive a Handwritten Note! Plus, it helps all of us to practice good handwriting when writing one! This holiday season, try bringing back the Handwritten Thank You Notes! I will – if you will! Have a Swirling Great Day!


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