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The Final Countdown to Christmas

It’s almost here – Christmas! If you’re like me you’re running around getting last minute gifts, groceries, cookie baking and spending time with friends and family! With all of that rushing around, I’m trying to stay in the moment of the real meaning of Christmas!

I think sometimes I can get so wrapped up, literally, in finding the perfect gift, perfect food and perfect decorations I can stress myself out! All of the stress is not what the holidays are supposed to be about! Again, trying to stay in the real meaning of Christmas!

Christmas is partly about giving and receiving gifts and it is about celebrating with friends and family. But the real meaning of Christmas is bigger, higher and so much better than all of that. Christmas is totally pure, unconditional, true love.

When I was younger and I asked my Mom what she wanted for Christmas she would say, “All I want for Christmas is for all of my family to be together” or she would say “All I want for Christmas is world peace”. I used to laugh at that, now I completely agree with her answers! I don’t need gifts and all of the other stuff – all I really would like is to be with my family and wouldn’t world peace be awesome!

Don’t forget that stressed backwards is desserts! As these final days wind down, all of us at Suzy’s Swirl Wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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