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The Season of Back to school

The back to school season is upon us! Walmart, Office Max and Target, to name a few, are all gearing up for the back school excitement! There’s something special about new pencils, a fresh box of crayons, those perfect folders and a clean book bag!

This year going back to school will be different! For most kids, they will be starting the school year with remote learning! They will be having their scheduled lunch time at home and recess will be in their very own yard! This is not an ideal situation for the kids!

School Districts have been put into such an incredibly difficult dilemma! Schools are trying to make the best decision, not just for your family, but for all families! Thankfully, School Districts have had more time to adjust to remote learning this time around vs just a few days! Parents and care givers have a better understanding of what remote learning is going to be like too!

Ultimately, everyone wants to see the kids of all ages go back to school! Teachers want to go back to their classrooms to teach and mentor their students! We all want school back to the way it was! Until that day comes, let’s stay positive, work together as a team and always know that administrators, teachers and parents are doing the best they can. Most importantly, students are equally doing the very best they can during such uncertain times!

The Season of Back to School can be just as exciting as last year! Hopefully kids will still be nervous to find out who their teachers will be, they will be anxious to find out what friends will be in their class and wondering what books they will be reading! As a wise teacher used to say each morning, “Have a Good Day, remember the choice is always yours to make it a Good Day or Not.” Hopefully there will be more Good Days than Not!

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world”

Malala Yousafzai


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