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The What If’s, How Come’s and Why’s??

If you’re like me, you have asked yourself a million what if, how come and why questions about this Covid-19. What if I touch my face, what if I bump into a stranger, what if my company goes out of business, how come this is happening to me, how come some parts of the state have more Covid-19 virus than others and why, why, why is this happening? So many questions, with so very few answers!

During all of these what if’s, how comes and whys – I have been able to figure a couple of things out! I find much comfort in cleaning! Not that my house is 100% clean, although, my closet, dressers and cabinets have all been cleaned! I like cooking! It has been nice planning meals, cooking at home and eating dinner together at the dinner table! I have also had time to journal, dust off my exercise bike and actually use it and go on a few nice walks!

Even in the worst of times, I have found some silver linings! Before Covid-19 I was running from one thing to the next, I rarely ate at home and hardly ever facetimed my kids! I know that none of us wanted the Covid-19 virus to be the reason for us to slow down! I know that all of the economic challenges that we are all experiencing are enormous! The time we have with our families is priceless! I hope that when this Covid-19 virus is over, that I will continue to make the time to be with my family and sit down at the dinner table to eat together!

I hope in the very near future we will all have answers as to the what if’s, how come’s and why’s! I hope and pray that your family will not be touched by the Covid-19 virus! Let’s all keep counting our blessings and find those silver linings in such an unthinkable time in our history!

Sometime you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory – Dr. Seuss

God Bless!


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