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Turning 60 Years Old!!

On April 18th, this past Monday, I had the joy, privilege and happiness to celebrate turning 60 years old! It's still hard to believe that I am now a part of the 60 group! When I was much younger, I thought 60 years old was so so old! Today I think 60 is young and vibrant with so much living still to do!

I am in the great honor of some other cool people turning 60 year olds, George Clooney, Garth Brooks, Meg Ryan and Sheryl Crow! I think that most 60 year old's agree that it's ok to stay home on a Saturday night, you can go grey and know you will look spectacular, you get to see your kids turn into amazing people and you really have stopped sweating the small stuff!

I would not be human if I didn't admit that there is a small part of me that thinks turning 60 is a bit daunting too! Knowing that half of your life is over is a tough pill to swallow! With that same thought, it is energizing to now really enjoy the life I have! Time has gone by so fast and now I intend to slow down and really enjoy all that's happening around me and in my life! I also know that 60 is just a number too!

A few interesting facts from the year 1962:

*The 1st Walmart was opened in by Sam Walton in Bentonville, Arkansas

*Lt.Col.John H. Glenn, Jr. was the first American to achieve earth orbit

*Phil Knight develops the 1st Nike running shoe

*Marvel's Spiderman Superhero makes his 1st apperance in a comic

*Oral Polio Vaccine developed and given to million of children

So, as you can see we have made tremendous progress in 60 years! Just like everything else in our lives, we need to continue to grow, thrive and do better! Looking forward to the next 60 years, I hope and pray there will be a cure for cancer, that we can stop climate change and our world will finally be able to live together in peace and harmony! I think it is all of our hopes and dreams that this world is left in a better place for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Happy Birthday to everyone turning 60 years old this year!

I'm not 60 - I'm 18 with 42 years of experience!


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