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TV in review....

This past week I was lucky enough to watch two new shows on TV! For me, TV is an escape from reality and the grind of every day life! Soooo what did I watch? “The Golden Bachelor” and “The Amazing Race.” Two very different shows, although, believe it or not similar!!

“The Golden Bachelor” is a new version of The Bachelor/Bachelorette show that airs on Channel 7. This new version centers around “Gerry” a 71-year-old Bachelor. It stands as a testament to the idea that age is no barrier to the pursuit of companionship and happiness. The show captures the essence of life’s challenges, showcasing wisdom, experience, and vibrant personalities that comes with age! It is a heartwarming reminder that love knows no age limits!

On the other hand, “The Amazing Race” is a pulse pounding adventure that take teams of two on a whirlwind journey around the globe. This show combines the thrill of competition with the beauty of different cultures and showcasing the amazing diversity all around the world. Contestants will be challenged both physically and mentally and pushed beyond their limits. During it all, they will all forge unbreakable friendships and bonds while racing around the world.

What makes both of these shows truly special is their ability to bring people together! Whether it’s witnessing the power of love on “The Golden Bachelor” or marveling at the resilience and determination on “The Amazing Race,” these shows remind us of the beauty of human connections. They inspire us to chase our dreams, face challenges head-on, and appreciate the beauty of the world we live in. In the end, both shows leave us with a positive, uplifting feeling, reminding us of the unlimited potential for joy and adventure that life has to offer, no matter your age!

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Age is just a number, whereas life is not!

Do not restrict your life to numbers, widen your horizon!


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