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We have 2 more days until the Jolly Fellow in the Red Suit arrives! Hopefully, you have everything ready to go and you can take a few minutes to relax! If you are like me, you might still be scrambling to get that last minute gift, bake one more batch of cookies and get the house cleaned!

I have found over the years that Christmas has become more about spending time with friends and family vs over the top perfect gifts! A couple of years ago I told my kids that I am going to treat them like Baby Jesus at Christmas! They each are going to get 3 gifts, just like Baby Jesus did! Of course, I add a few little things, it seems to be working!

I have also become like my mother at the holidays! When my kids ask me what I would like for Christmas, I say, “Peace on Earth and Goodwill for Al!” But it is really true! Don’t we all want that??

Enjoy these next few days of wonder and excitement! Try not to get too overwhelmed! If you need a last minute stocking stuffer, Suzy’s Swirl Gift Cards are the perfect idea!

Have a Swirling Merry Christmas!


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