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Two Years is Long Enough!

For this weeks blog I am going to gleam a few thoughts, comments, and quotes from other writers and professionals in regards to the Pandemic that we have all been living through these past two years! But before I begin, please note it is not lost on me the gravity of this virus. My family too, has been touched by this virus and all of its saddness and complexities!

A writer for The Atlantic, Helen Lewis, worte an article today about her personal thoughts and experiences living in the UK and navigating Covid-19. It is her first line that I would like to quote, "After multiple lockdowns, three vaccines, and one bout of Covid, I want my life back."

She goes on to say,"...Avoiding the virus is no longer an option; Omicron has seen to that. Almost everyone is likely to catch the variant eventually."

This virus has become more and more stressful! Today in the news they have compared the stress of this virus to the brave men and women who have served in the Armed Forces! Many of us are showing signs of post traumatic stress disorder from trying to live with the ever changing virus and the ever changing guidance we are given! It was also reported in the news that this virus is changing and mutating into other strains and that is why we need to pivot and pivot and pivot! When will enough be enough??

As the writer for The Atlantic wrote, "...I want to see people, I want to freely move about in the world again. Perhaps you think this is shallow. You are right? Life should be shallow sometimes! ....The past two years have been tough, but the world has emerged from them with a formidable medical aresenal, as well as the knowledge that humaluty has to live with Covid. There will be trade-offs, and there will be bad things, but you can't remove all risk from human existance."

I too, have followed the rules, I will continue to do so. I too, really want my life back! I find it so mind boggling that I can travel 15 minutes north to Wisconsin and Covid with all of its mandates do not exist. I can also travel to Florida and other southern states and Covid does not exist there either! Or even more mind spinning is that I can attend my community church were half of the parishoners do not wear a mask and the other half do! What is that??? I think it is a good example of where we are as a nation! We The People, not the government, are making our own very personal choice on how we want to live our life in this new world!

I value life, good health and personal choice! I also value doing whatever is needed to keep myself and my fellow man healthy and well! I also feel that no one should be bullied, shunned or made to feel disrepectful because your choice may not be the same as mine! There is so much more that binds us together versus what divides us. We The People need to get our lives back!

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."

Martin Luther King Jr.


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