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Weekly Blogs.....

Happy Sunday! The sun is shining today HURRAY!! After all of the crazy weather this past week from coast to coast, today is beautiful! Today is also a beautiful day to write a new blog! Weekly blogs can be hard to develop and write! I do my best to keep the Sundaes with Sue Blog fresh, light, fun and relevant. As we all know, there are times when the week just goes by so so fast! I shake my head and say how can it already be Sunday again??? Where did the week go?? At times, there is just not enough hours for a Blog! Today, there is time!

Even with the crazy weather week we had, Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping and tiny buds are starting to appear on the trees! I love love love this time of year! Spring is a time for clearing things out, sprucing up the house and milder temperatures! Bonus, Spring time colors - green, yellow, robin egg blue....pretty and happy colors!

This time of year also makes me stop and remember my Mom. My Mom passed away 30 years ago on February 28th. She was a tiny redheaded woman who was so ahead of her time! She was very fashion forward, was a world traveler, loved to decorate and was a sweet Grandma, even if it was for a short time! I miss her each and every day! For all of you that are missing your Mom's - I'm sending a virtual hug of love to you!

This time of year also is the celebration of Lent to prepare for Easter. When I was young, during Lent, I would give up "meaningful things" ketchup, mustard and candy! Now, I try to "Do Meaningful Things" during Lent. A few ideas might be, stay away from angry words and being more kind, stay away from bitterness and fill your heart with joy or volunteer with local organizations. Another great idea from our General Manager Lindsey, for the next 40 days of Lent, fill 40 bags of things you no longer need in your home and donate them! That's a great way to Spring clean your home and closets!

At Suzy's Swirl we are Springing into Spring! We are starting off with a beautiful Floral Arrangement Raffle! We are working with a wonderful local florist, Flowers by Katie Ford. The drawing will be this Tuesday, stop in and enter your name - you can't win if you don't play! The month of March will be full of fun and lucky times at Suzy's Swirl. We will have a calendar coming out soon so you won't miss out on anything at Suzy's Swirl!

As we end the month of February, keep in mind there are only 22 more days until the 1st day of Spring, we have more hours of daylight and warmer temperatures are coming soon! Enjoy this beautiful day, go out for a walk, light up the grill and stop into Suzy's Swirl for a Sweet Treat! Hope to see you soon!

Spring is Natures Way of Saying - "Let's Party!"


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