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What lessons have we learned.....

This morning I watched CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley. I really enjoy watching this morning show! Jane Pauley has such a calming voice and the stories the show reports on are quick, informative, current and I learn something new each time I watch!

Today's show they reported on the lessons learned from the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic and if there will be any lessons learned from our current Pandemic. The people they interviewed who's families were touched by the 1918 Spanish Flu reported how quickly the pandemic was forgotten! Approximately 50 million people worldwide were infected and died from the Spanish Flu. How are all of these people remembered - will there be a memorial commemorating all of these lives lost or are they just forgotten like the pandemic itself?

If you google the 1918 Spanish Flu it is eerily similar to our current pandemic! The Public Health Organization in New Haven, Ct. in 1918 recommended the following to prevent influenza, do not take any person's breath, keep the mouth and teeth clean, avoid those that cough and sneeze, don't visit poorly ventilated places, get fresh air, don't use common drinking cups, cover your mouth, stay home if you have a cold, walk to your work, in sick room wear a gauze mask.... The recommendations are all similar to those that were recommended to people during our current pandemic!

Today, globally approximately 440 million people have been infected with Covid-19 and approximately 5 million people have died from this virus! Two years living with this virus, what lessons have we learned? What will we remember when we look back to when this all started in January 2020? How will those 5 million lives lost to Covid-19 be remembered? Most importantly, how will we prevent this pandemic from ever happening again?

A few lessons to never forget, wash your hands, keep your hands away from your mouth and nose and if you are sick - stay home. Don't forget the importance of family and family time! Things can happen so quickly, so don't take your family and loved ones for granted! Life is truly a gift and one worth living with joy, love and happiness! A huge lesson moving forward is for all of the government agencies to work together for the greater good vs. fighting with each other and spreading misinformation and causing chaos!

As we take off our masks and see those beautiful smiles again be grateful! Don't forget those lessons we have learned in these past 2 years! Smile big, Live life, Be grateful! Be kind! Never ever forget all of those souls that are no longer with us due to Covid-19! God Bless us All!

By Changing Nothing, Nothing Changes!


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