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What Makes April Special....

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Originally my blog this week was going to be all about the month of April and the beauty of this month. Then I had to stop! I really want this blog to be about the senseless shooting in Nashville! Again, another shooting! I’m not going to get into the politics of gun rights. I’d rather talk about speaking up if you have a friend or family member who is troubled and not thinking rationally and has guns, you need to say something. There’s that saying – see something say something - this simple act can save lives!

I can only imagine, like me, so many of you are asking yourselves how can this happen again? There are so many layers to this conversation. How far do schools need to go to protect their students and teachers? Do all schools now need to have bullet proof glass, do all schools need to have an armed guard at the entrance, how do we make them not an easy target?

Do gun shops have the technology to share when multiple high-powered guns are purchased by the same person, shouldn’t that person be red flagged and stopped? Do faith leaders, family members and friends need to speak to authorities if they have the slightest idea that the person they are counseling to might do something terrible? How do we keep things confidential and at the same time let the authorities know that something is not right with someone?

So many questions, and not enough answers and solutions that will stop this violence from happening! This is a domestic war and it needs to stop! Schools, churches, grocery stores have all become targets. The most innocent, kind and loving human beings are being targeted.

If you know something – say something!

God Bless us all!


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