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What More Can I Do?

Sundaes with Sue

This week we experienced the breaking of the Polar Vortex with incredibly cold temperatures and then a nearly 70 degree warm up! You have to love living in the Midwest!

This past week I also experienced the most inspirational conference in Dallas, Texas. The Global Best Practices Conference that focused on People – Profits – Planet. Suzy’s Swirl was given the honor of providing a break snack of single cups of Moscow Mule, Mocha Joe, Birthday Cake and a few others! Swirling Greatness! Kathy was also a featured Speaker of Inspiration! Kathy along with, John O’Leary, Mindfulness and Merlot and Milo Cress were high energy, inspirational and motivating!

We heard such thought provoking phrases and questions such as; Why me? What more can I do? Great Cups Great Causes, Take 5 minutes each day to reflect, To be Mindful, Importance of Connectivity, Your best days are in front of You, We all have a Story, Love, Live Inspired….. I left the conference being inspired both personally and professionally!

Life is short and fast moving! Do not take it for granted! Find happiness and joy in with your family and job! Live Inspired!

Life is like a Roller Coaster – Hopefully you will have more

Highs than Lows!


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