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When does the Madness, Sadness, Craziness and Mindlessness End?

The last few days of March ended with three State Troopers passing away! These “great hero’s” passed away from distracted drivers and drunk drivers! These drivers should never have been on the road! Now the State of Illinois has a law called “Scott’s Law” and they have overhead highway signs saying “Enough is Enough”. When does the madness,craziness and brainlessness end?

As our hearts are just starting to repair, April brings the story of A.J.! You didn’t have to know A.J. to feel such sadness for all that this little boy had endured and died from! It is just so unimaginable that people could bring such harm to children! A.J. put a stop to these people and he too is a “great hero”! The abusers are people not parents!

Illinois has many, many laws to protect children from abuse. As I was looking them over, these words kept popping up “Reasonable Cause to believe a Child is being Abused or Neglected”. The reports that DCFS published about A.J. were above and beyond “Reasonable” and not enough was done to protect him! When does the madness, sadness, craziness and brainlessness end?

Keep these State Troopers Families in your prayers! Keep A.J.’s Family in your prayers! Justice will prevail! “Enough is Enough”! The madness, sadness, craziness and brainlessness has to end!

Life is Short – Love your Families!


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