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Where do you look for inspiration?

I am always looking for places and people of inspiration for my life. I know I can’t do this thing called life, all by myself. I know that my parents, my family, my friends and co-workers inspire me. Recently, a person I have never met and may never meet has become a huge source of inspiration to me! This person is Maria Shriver and her Facebook Blog called, The Sunday Paper.

The Sunday Paper is informative, inspiring and profound. Maria offers a unique perspective on life, on relationships and the world. Each week she writes about current news and how it relates to the real person. Each week she brings other inspiring peoples stories and view points to the paper too! You will always learn something new and maybe be given a different way to see the world!

Maria Shriver is part of the Kennedy Royalty, she was married to Arnold Schwarzenegger and was First Lady of California. Some may think there is no way with that kind of background that she would be relatable, that is so not true! Maria Shriver is a real person! She and her family have had their share of ups and downs and their share of sadness. She really is just like you and me!

If you are looking for weekly inspiration – I highly recommend that you read Maria Shriver’s, The Sunday Paper! She also has a great book and journal, “I’ve Been Thinking” – they are both awesome! Look we are all living busy busy lives, try to take a few minutes each Sunday to be still and read The Sunday Paper with Maria Shriver. Let me know what you think!

You are the leader you’ve been looking for – Maria Shriver


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