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Who Do You Want to Be?

these past 13 weeks our lives have gone through so many changes and will continue to change! We have all been trying to navigate through Covid-19, through the economic challenges of Covid-19 and the continuous racial divide in our country. During all of these uncertain events, we must ask ourselves, “Who do You want to Be?”

I look at these next 13 weeks similar to New Year’s Day! On New Year’s Day we make resolutions to be better, do better and feel better! We have a unique opportunity today, to create new and meaningful resolutions once again! This time around, together, we have to be better, we have to do better and we have to feel better!

I think the really hard question is, how? I wish I had a concrete, tried and true answer! Here are a few ideas; continue to make your family a priority, continue to eat together as a family, enjoy not having to rush from one thing to another! Continue to thank the grocery clerks, doctors, postal workers, amazon delivery person, police officers, restaurant workers and all essential and nonessential people! We need to have Faith when we cannot see, we need to have Trust when we don’t understand and Love for all human beings!

Who do YOU want to Be? Be KIND!

How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time!

Morgan Freeman


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